It is not only about PASSING Well Control Examination;
but also about making you UNDERSTAND WELL CONTROL more and more….

IWCF Well Control

3 days with the final IWCF examination on 3rd day.

Intended For
All members of the wellsite Operations team working in roles which may directly contribute to the creation, detection or control of a well influx. Trainee Engineers, Service Company Personnel, New Starts, HSE Personnel and non-technical and administrative personnel involved with the offshore industry, who would benefit from a better understanding of the industry, drilling practices and equipment.

Course Overview
This is an introductory course for delegates who have little or no industry experience and require a greater depth of theoretical and practical knowledge to assist in achieving a better understanding of drilling equipment, drilling practices and the common problems associated with drilling operations.
This course is also designed to give potential well control certification candidates an awareness well control Theory, Practices andEquipment as a preparation prior to taking levels 3 & 4.
Practical training on a drilling simulator is not a requirement for this course. Two written exams: Equipment and Principles &Procedures.
Participant has to score minimum of 70% in both the papers to qualify for IWCF certificate.
Validity of the Level 2 IWCF certificate is for five years.

Note: From August 2014, anyone taking an ‘IWCF Drilling Well Control Course’ for the first time, must complete the 3 day level 2 Introduction course first, then level 3 (Driller-5 day) course, then level 4 (Supervisor-5 day) course. IWCF recommends a minimum three month period to build further industry experience before the candidate moves on to Levels 3 and 4. It is unacceptable for a Level 2 candidate to be enrolled on a Level 3 course at the same time.