It is not only about PASSING Well Control Examination;
but also about making you UNDERSTAND WELL CONTROL more and more….

IWCF Schedule Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

Well Control Training Schedule – 2020

Jan-20 Level Feb-20 Level Mar-20 Level
6th to 10th L-3/4 3rd to 7th L-3/4 2nd to 6th L-3/4
20th to 24th L-3/4 10th to 14th L-3/4 16th to 20th L-3/4
27th to 31st L-3/4 14th to 16th INTRO 23rd to 27th L-3/4
24th to 28th L-3/4
Apr-20 Level May-20 Level Jun-20 Level
6th to 10th L-3/4 4th to 8th L-3/4 1st to 5th L-3/4
13th to 17th L-3/4 11th to 15th L-3/4 8th to 10th INTRO
27th Apr to 1st May L-3/4 18th to 22nd L-3/4 15th to 19th L-3/4
29th Jun to 3rd Jul L-3/4
Jul-20 Level Aug-20 Level Sep-20 Level
6th to 10th L-3/4 Tue 4th to 8th L-3/4 31st Aug to 4th Sep L-3/4
13th to 17th L-3/4 10th to 14th L-3/4 14th to 18th L-3/4
27th to 31st L-3/4 17th to 21st L-3/4 21st to 25th L-3/4
28th to 30th INTRO
Oct-20 Level Nov-20 Level Dec-20 Level
5th to 9th L-3/4 2nd to 6th L-3/4 30th Nov to 4th Dec L-3/4
12th to 16th L-3/4 9th to 11th INTRO 7th to 11th L-3/4
26th to 30th L-3/4 Tue 17th to 21st L-3/4 14th to 18th L-3/4
23rd to 27th L-3/4

Well Control Schedule – 2019
Jan-19 Level Feb-19 Level Mar-19 Level
7th – 11th L-3/4 4th – 8th L-3/4 4th – 8th L-3/4
14th – 18th L-3/4 18th – 22nd L-3/4 11th – 15th L-3/4
21st – 24th L-2-Intro 25th Feb – 1st Mar L-3/4 25th – 29th L-3/4
28th Jan – 1st Feb L-3/4

Apr-19 Level May-19 Level Jun-19 Level
1st – 4th L-2-Intro 6th – 10th L-3/4 10th – 14th L-3/4
8th – 12th L-3/4 13th – 17th L-3/4 17th – 21st L-3/4
15th – 19th L-3/4 20th – 24th L-3/4 24th – 28th L-3/4
22nd - 26th L-3/4

Jul-19 Level Aug-19 Level Sep-19 Level
1st – 5th L-3/4 5th – 9th L-3/4 9th – 13th L-3/4
8th – 12th L-3/4 19th – 23rd L-3/4 16th – 20th L-3/4
22rd – 26th L-3/4 26th – 30st L-3/4 30th Sept – 4th Oct L-3/4
29th Jul – 1st Aug L-2-Intro

Oct-19 Level Nov-19 Level Dec-19 Level
9th – 12th L-2-Intro 4th – 8th L-3/4 2nd – 6th L-3/4
14th – 18th L-3/4 11th – 15th L-3/4 9th – 13th L-3/4
21st – 25th L-3/4 18th – 22nd L-3/4 16th – 20th L-3/4
25th - 29th L-3/4