It is not only about PASSING Well Control Examination;
but also about making you UNDERSTAND WELL CONTROL more and more….

IADC Wellsharp-Drilling Ops.
-Introductory Level

Course Duration:
3 Days (2 days Classroom and 1-day Online Test)

Intended for

  • IADC Wellsharp (Introductory) course is designed for delegates "working in roles which may directly contribute to the creation, detection or control of a well influx" (P.9, IOGP Report 476). 
  • This course is also designed to give potential well control certification candidates an awareness on well control Theory, Practices and Equipment as a preparation prior to taking Driller/Fundamental or Supervisor level training.
  • The delegates who have little or no industry experience and require a greater depth of theoretical and practical knowledge in achieving a better understanding of drilling equipment, drilling practices and the common problems associated with drilling operations can also attend this introductory course.

Positions suited to Drilling Level 2 training:

  • BOP/Surface/Subsea Engineer, Dynamic Positioning (DP) Operator and LMRP Engineer
  • Drilling Contractor Wellsite Rig Engineer
  • Assistant to Wellsite Supervisor or Wellsite Drilling Engineer
  • Wellsite and office-based Operations Geologist
  • Roughneck
  • Derrickman
  • Barge Engineer etc.

Course Overview:

The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of features of drilling a well and the fundamental principles involved in maintaining well control.

Course Delivery:

  • The course is delivered through interactive lectures, presentations, classroom study book, handouts, assignments; exercises etc.
  • There will be online test of 1 ½ hours which cover Equipment and Principles & Procedures.
  • Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IADC Wellsharp – Introductory Level certification with 5 years validity.

Course Contents:

  • Consequences of Blow Out
  • Rig Math
  • Concept of Pressures
  • U-Tube, Top Hole Drilling & Shallow Gas
  • Drilling fluids & Solid Control Equipment’s
  • Well Barriers, Inflow Test & Systematic Risk
  • Kick Indications & Shut-in Procedures
  • Well Killing Methods
  • Unusual situations in well Control
  • Blow out prevention equipment & Accessories
  • Well control Glossary, Conversion Factors etc.

IADC Examination:

IADC Wellsharp-Introductory Level Training certification program examination consists of a “Online Knowledge Assessment Test” conducted on the last day of the course. A participant has to score minimum of 70% to qualify for the IADC certificate valid for five years.