It is not only about PASSING Well Control Examination;
but also about making you UNDERSTAND WELL CONTROL more and more….

IADC Wellsharp - Drilling Ops.
-DRILLER/Fundamental level

Course Duration:
5 Days (4 days Classroom & Simulator Training and 5th day Online Test)

Intended for

This course has been designed for Drillers, Assistant Drillers and others with a requirement to hold an IADC Wellsharp certificate.

Course Overview:

This course has been designed on Certification Standards based on a detailed analysis of the well control knowledge and the practical tasks to master in order to perform their job responsibilities as Drillers, Assistant Drillers and others who require acquiring an IADC Wellsharp certificate. The standards have been devised accordingly by the accrediting Agencies so that the measurement of their skills and knowledge can be assessed systematically.

Course objectives:

The objective of Well Control Course, is to provide delegates with a good understanding of drilling operations, maintenance of wells, advanced knowledge and safe operation of well control equipment techniques, good understanding in preventative well control measures, recognition of well control events, measurement of well control parameters and proper response to observations, closing in Blowout prevention equipment to stop unwanted formation of fluids, gaining understanding in using the various well control techniques in a controlled manner to regain primary well control.

Course Delivery:

The course is delivered through lectures supported by presentations, self-study exercises, and practical work on a drilling simulator. 

Delegates attending IADC Wellsharp-Driller/Fundamental course will have to undergo a practical Skill Assessment Training using a drilling simulator and online “Knowledge Assessment Test” which consist syllabi on Equipment and Principles & Procedures.

Successful completion of both “Skill Assessment Training” and “Knowledge Assessment Test” will result in IADC Wellsharp -Driller/Fundamental certification with 2 years validity.

The course covers the following topics:

1. Well Control Equipment

2. Kicks While Drilling/Tipping

3. Shut-in Pressure Observations

4. Kill Problems

5. Surface Principles & Procedures

6. Kill Sheet Information

7. Well Control Management

8. Surface Equipment

IADC Examination:

IADC Wellsharp – Driller/Fundamental Level Training certification program examination consists of a “Skill Assessment Test” conducted on Drilling Simulator on the 4th day of the course and also online “Knowledge Assessment Test” conducted on the last day of the course under the supervision of Proctor.  A participant has to score minimum of 70% in both the components to qualify for the IADC Wellsharp – Driller/Fundamental certificate valid for two years.